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Board Member Nomations

Nominations must be received by Thursday, September 30, 2021 for nominees to be eligible for the 2022 election​

Board Eligibility Requirements

  • Current PEMA membership is not required until elected onto the Board

  • Board service begins January 1st, 2022

  • Attendance at 2022 planning meeting will be requested for newly elected board members (either late 2021 or early 2022)

In accordance with the PEMA policy, it is now time to elect a Board of Directors for 2022.  The Board is set at 15 members who are elected to one-year terms.  Every board member (including incumbents) is up for election (or re-election) every year, except for past Presidents, who are given “Past President” status and allowed to remain a member of the board.
If you are interested in being a candidate for the PEMA Board, please complete the attached nomination form below by COB, Thursday, September 30th.  If there are more than 15 interested candidates, a ballot will be posted in October for all members to participate in a final vote.


(must have served on board for 2 yrs.)

Oversees Board and assigned positions and duties; executive decision maker; supports committees when appropriate; final reviewer of budget and contract materials; and liaison to other PEMA chapters and affiliate organizations.

Vice President

(must have served on board for 2 yrs.)

Supports President; spearheads special assignments such as training seminars, charity efforts, scholarships; and joins committees when appropriate.


(must have served on board for 2 yrs.)

Maintains minutes and board policy archive; takes monthly board meeting minutes; assists President on special assignments, and supports committees when appropriate.


(must have served on board for 2 yrs.)

Tracks and reports monthly and year-end financial status; oversees “non-profit” status and reviews annual tax return with CPA/Executive Director; coordinates as needed collections/deposits; coordinates with President regarding financial matters.

Marketing & PR Director

Maintains website such that all information is current; maintains social media accounts and coordinates social media marketing; expands contacts through event marketing efforts; and takes photos at all events and uploads to website.

Membership Director

Coordinates spring and fall drives; distributes membership information packages to potential members and engages in follow-up efforts; schedules corporate member “meeting spotlights” at luncheon events; and maintains membership materials for use at membership table during events.

Programs Director

Works with the board to develop program goals and topics for the year; locates and assigns speakers for all monthly meetings; writes/reviews all meeting notices; obtains speaker presentation prior to event for upload to PEMA laptop; writes and sends thank-you notes to speakers; communicates with Branch Manager regarding audio/visual needs and sets up equipment the day of luncheon; and handles introduction of speakers at meetings.

Event Coordination Director

Coordinates meeting locations and event details with facility and staff; oversees speaker gifts; coordinates monthly guest drawing; communicates headcount with hotel; collects payment and prepares reservations & registration for all events; sets up  and opens/closes each meeting; reconciles proceeds and sends checks to the Treasurer for deposit; and provides invoicing information to staff.  Co-Branch Director supports the activities of the lead Director as needed.

Golf Tournament Director

Coordinates annual charity golf tournament with committee; arranges December holiday party location, food, and marketing; available to assist other Board members with various assignments as needed.


Directors-at-Large will be assigned to work with specific Directors or committees in support of their goals and objectives, as needed.



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